At Edmunds and Eve, we believe that every situation, family and business is unique, which means that our approach to ensuring their future is also unique.  Our services have been carefully designed to encompass all aspects of future planning for you, your family and your business.  Our team of experts are experienced across all areas of inheritance law and finance to integrate your: Will, Estate Plan, Lasting Power of Attorney with Probate and Estate Administration to mitigate costs. And unlike other firms, we will guide you across the legal and financial terrain to an ‘integrated plan’ that matches your wish for your ‘family succession’ plan.

Eddie Goniszewski - Edmunds and Eve

Edmunds & Eve is led by me Eddie. I came into Finance and Law from an unconventional angle. After working in industry for some 20-years in a variety of manufacturing roles, during which I was apprenticed and graduated in mechanical engineering, I followed into a career of microelectronic systems design and manufacture by way of robotics, after graduating with Diploma/MSc at Edinburgh Univ. My skills and professional qualifications, made me into a rounded integrator of industry and business.

It was a spell of unemployment that did it, after my employer liquidated in the early 1990’s recession. I was ‘fishing hooked’ by a major finance company in search of appropriately qualified sales people. And the rest, as they say, is history. My idea at the time was that I should be ‘out of here’ in six months, with some important experience under my belt.

So I trained massively in finance. I worked as a financial consultant/planner and with my technical background and down-to-earth approach, was able to communicate with clients in terms and language that they were comfortable with.

It later became a requirement to include the Will in client advice. Some had a Will, others didn’t. And their activity matched the national statistic where only about 40% had a Will. And mostly it was of the one-size-fits-all variety. Heavy marketing by interested parties due to non-regulation of Will writing services and lack of proper information, kept it that way.

In 1996, I came across a Which? report on the value of Wills produced at that time. It was not pleasant reading. And was plain to me that, there was a significant shortfall in any financial plan that I made for a client, because often the work that we prepared was negated by the poor Will, or no Will. I therefore decided to find out all I could and couple financial planning work with ‘Wills and Estate’ matters, to give clients a more complete and superior class of service.

To be fully compliant with the law and training, it soon became impractical to provide both services to the standard I expected. So, Edmunds & Eve was born, to focus on the combined ‘legal & financial’ side of Wills & Estate matters, and provide a private client service that helped clients to preserve the wealth that they had built up in ‘their family’.


Our Ethos

As local independent professional advisers, we can conduct meetings and consultations with our clients in the comfort of their own home. Our geographical area covers Berkshire and the Home Counties, or anywhere within a 25-mile radius of Wokingham. We are passionate about helping you plan for the future, keep your wealth in the family and ensure your wishes are followed every step of the way.

Our ethos centres around the fact that each and every client we work with is unique. We never make assumptions, or provide you with standard documents to sign. Instead, we invest time and effort into getting to know you, your family and your individual circumstances, so that we can create the right plan for you. By spending this time mapping out your family, your situation and your finances in such a detailed way, we help you understand what you want from your will, your LPA or even your funeral. Our experts can then take those wishes and put them into legal frameworks, ensuring that whatever happens, you can relax knowing that your wishes are documented and enforceable.

As a Lead Member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers (IPW), whose code of practice is approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) Edmunds and Eve maintain the very highest industry standards in technical excellence and business ethics. This is a guarantee of the quality of our service that protects your family and ensures your future planning is in safe hands.

So if you’re looking for exceptional legal expertise and a fast, friendly and thorough service, look no further. We care about you as much as you do.  Maybe more, because we have to, to meet our compliance code of ethics. Edmunds and Eve – 0118 9 740 130.