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About Edmunds and Eve

Wills & Probate ------- Family Business Succession Specialist ------- Legal & Financial Experts ------- Local Will Writer to save you time and money.

Your Trusted Adviser

Every family and family business is unique.   It means therefore, that our approach to ensure their future matches that uniqueness.

Our services and procedures encompass every aspect of legacy and related planning matter for the family and the family business.  Because you are unique, our team of expert lawyers will model your plan wishes and circumstances specific to you.  We never assume or take anything for granted.

Unplanned expense is the bane of family life.  It is part of our remit to help you mitigate costs and optimise plans for what lies ahead.

Finance & Law

Edmunds & Eve is led by me, in the picture; Ed Goniszewski.  I came into Finance and Law after some 20-years working in industry in a variety of professional engineering/management roles including; high-tech microelectronic systems design and manufacture.  My skills and professional qualifications made me into a rounded integrator of industry and business.

In the 1990's recession my employer went into liquidation, like many.  So during a spell of unemployment, I was ‘fish-hooked’ by a major finance company in search of qualified people.  And the rest, as they say; is history.

My role as a financial consultant/planner was helped by my technical background.  Clients appreciated my down-to-earth Plain English discussions that helped them to understand how things worked, and why.  And the same principles apply today.

Real Value with Quality

In 1996, I came across a "Which?" report on the value of Wills produced at that time. To say it was a shock is an understatement.  It was both a surprise and immediately clear to me, that there was a significant shortfall to my clients plans; because many were affected negatively by their poor Will, or lack of one.   I decided to learn all that I could about Wills & Estates, and integrate it into my financial planning service so that my clients would have a more complete and superior class of service.  So, Edmunds & Eve was born.

Our remit is the combined ‘legal & financial’ picture for Wills & Estates, because everything of 'family and finance' is affected.  Hence, what we do is completely different and beyond the knowledge of most High Street providers.  It’s a superior class of private client and business succession service, that helps you achieve your real wish; as well as preserve your fortune in ‘the family’.


Our Aims and Ethos

Our ethos centres around the fact that each and every client that we work with is unique.     We never make assumptions, nor provide you with work to a template.  But rather, our lawyers invest the time and effort to get to know you, your wishes, your family and your circumstances, so that we can give you 'best advice'.


As part of our service, we guide you in the effects of the law and consequence upon your circumstances and wishes.  In this way, you will become knowledgeable, and can make truly informed decisions about what you want to achieve.



are to:...

  • Provide a service beyond clients expectations;
  • Be uniquely different and unmatched for value;
  • Be totally transparent in our dealings;
  • Conduct our business with the highest professional integrity.


It is for these and many other reasons,  including the personal attention that our clients receive, that many have come to us by way of personal introduction;  the ultimate endorsement of our value as a specialist service.

As a Lead Member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers (IPW), whose code of practice is approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) Edmunds and Eve maintain the very highest industry standards in technical excellence and business ethics.  This is a guarantee of the quality of our service that protects your family and ensures your future planning is in safe hands.

To find out more about us, what we do or how we operate, just get in touch with one of the team at Edmunds and Eve today.