Do I Need A Will If I’m Married?

By Eddie Goniszewski / December 20, 2017

If you, like 23,837,253 people in England and Wales, are happily married or in a civil partnership, you might not have thought about what happens when you pass away. And if you have, you might have thought that, because you’re married, your estate will automatically transfer to your spouse. But unfortunately, that is a common…

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Elder Care Questions You Should Be Asking

By Eddie Goniszewski / December 6, 2017

No one likes to think about getting older, but sadly it’s something we all have to deal with later in life.  Getting older comes with its own unique set of challenges, including our physical health, agility and mental clarity. When our health starts deteriorating, we may need help and support to carry on living our…

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Funeral Plans – Are They Worth It?

By Eddie Goniszewski / November 22, 2017

There’s no escaping the fact that funerals can be an expensive business, and that cost isn’t going away any time soon. Find out how a funeral plan could help.

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How To Write A Will

By Eddie Goniszewski / October 25, 2017

By dying without a valid Will in place your wealth may not be distributed as you want. Read this post to find out more about how to write a will.

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