Make a Business Will part of your business succession plans

For the owner, partner, or shareholder in a business – Business Succession Planning  – is essential. There is a great deal to consider, however; let’s focus on some elementary matters. Death and taxes. If you die while running a business and have no Will, then government statute dictates what happens to your business assets, or your […]

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Probate or Estate Administration?

The terms ‘Probate’ and ‘Estate Administration’, are used interchangeably in modern public, as well as legal, parlance.  Legally speaking though, probate is term used for the procedure to prove authenticity of a person’s Will, and the Executor(s) of it, after the person of the Will has died. Alternatively, where there is no Will, or the […]

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So You’re Dead – Now What?

The Funeral Plan and Thinking Ahead Planning your own funeral or anyone else’s funeral for that matter, cannot be considered anyone’s idea of fun. It is though, a simple fact of life. And royalty from time immemorial, like the ancient Egyptians, makes a show for the send-off. Whereas for the modern public, it is usually […]

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What is a Power of Attorney?

Power of Attorney is the term given to the General Legal Instrument by which you empower a trusted person to make decisions on your behalf.  The term has become to be used interchangeably in many circles, to actually mean the Lasting Power of Attorney ( LPA ).  The LPA differs from the general power of […]

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Why Write a Will?

…because your Will is vital to someone you love. Many people have problems with Making a Will.  They believe it’s too complicated;  they’re too young to worry about it right now;  or that the family will get it anyway. And many will be right. However, by the same token we do not take out car […]

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