THE BLENDED COHABITING FAMILY On the death of one or both parties upon making a Will.

To understand how this example relates to families, please see MARRIED COUPLES and COHABITING COUPLES then match the differences to the discussion below.

The scenario of the cohabiting couple in a new – ‘blended family’- after the death of a cohabiting partner or spouse, is even more convoluted than in COHABITING COUPLES.  There are many combinations that can be considered.

It is not practical therefore, to limit the discussion within the short space that we have here. There are many answers and only by meeting and mapping out your exact wishes with your circumstances can it be made clear.

This is a HIGHLY SPECIALISED area of inheritance law. The good news is that Edmunds & Eve will highlight all the strands of this intricate web for you, to realise a solution that all are content with, and hence avoid the costs of consequence and assumption.

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