The Private Business Shareholder

If David and Bruce in THE FAMILY BUSINESS OWNER had formed themselves into a Limited Company, much the same scenario would play itself out, except that the company would not fold immediately. It would likely die a slow death. The surviving spouse/partner would likely ‘hinder’ the business, or sell to a competitor because they got a better price for their share.

The bank would likely call in the debt because the ‘risk’ had changed and likely the contract did not include a clause for such a situation. And, customers would likely question the adequacy of the business leadership and move their trade to a competitor.

This is a HIGHLY SPECIALISED area of inheritance law. The good news is; that Edmunds and Eve will ‘sound-out’ all the business and family matters and set up a Will Plan where all concerned are content. It would avoid a court battle over the scraps and save a huge pile of money and stress.


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