Why Should I Write a Will?

…because your Will is vital to someone you love.

Many people have problems with Making a Will.  They believe it’s too complicated;  they’re too young to worry about it right now;  or that the family will get it anyway. And many will be right. However; by the same token we do not take out car insurance because we aim to crash.

Also – when you’re visting the sea shore, do the pebbles look all the same?  Yes. Only; on closer inspection they are all different!  The same applies to families.  You can look at it superficially, or, purposefully.  That makes all the difference between getting it right, and getting it wrong.  And, whether your family get what you intended, or; a problem you made for them, it is in your hands.

What happens if I die without a Will?

We are a complex thing – families.  It is vital therefore, to get it right first time.  There may not be a second chance.  When a person dies without a valid Will, his estate can be distributed wholly against his life-time wishes.  And in addition, is exposed to tax and other expenses that eat up large chunks of family wealth that could have gone to the family.  So I urge you, not to assume, like most folks do.  Feel free to call us for a confidential discussion on –  0118 9 740 130.

Expert ‘Legal & Financial’ Integrated Advice

Our Will Writing Services include both ‘legal and financial’ expertise, fully comprehensive and totally different to anything you’ll find elsewhere.  Whether Family Will, or, Business Succession Will, our transactions are conducted in Plain English.

Edmunds and Eve are experts in Will Writing Services and “later-life” (‘Elder Client’) matters.  We provide a home visit service within a 25 mile radius of our offices in Wokingham.

We are a Lead Member of the Institute of Professional Willwriter ( IPW ).  It was established in 1991 and has become the recognised professional body regulating and promoting the profession of Willwriting in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.   Its membership code of practice is approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute ( CTSI ). The regulatory reference body to aspire to.


  • Provide a service beyond clients expectations
  • Be uniquely different and unmatched for value
  • Be totally transparent in our dealings
  • Conduct our business with professional integrity

It is for these and many other reasons, including the personal attention clients receive, that many of our clients have come to us by way of personal introduction; the ultimate endorsement of our value as a specialist service.

To find out how the law might affect your wishes in your family circumstances, feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion on – 0118 9 740 130.  Alternatively,  complete the email enquiry box below and we will be in touch shortly.

How much is a Will?

Be aware, that there is no such thing as – ‘a Will’;  albeit many people look for the service.   The typical questions to our enquiry centre include:- “How much is a Will?” –  “How much does it cost to make a Will?” The answer is – it depends.

You may find this article informative – ‘How a £90 Will by Barclays lost half my house’.  Sadly this kind of situation is not unique to Barclays.  Buy on value not on price.   Ask what is the return on investment.


I want a simple Will

Familes are unique.  There is only one type of Will  –  the Will that is right for you.  If the Will is not right, it usually means that your loved ones have a very costly legal quagmire to deal with.  Because?  –  you usually need to be dead to find out there’s problem.   That problem can cost several hundred times the price, of having had it done right, to begin with.

Many people are persuaded that their affairs are ‘simple’ and search for an off-the-peg ‘cheap Will‘ product.  This line of thinking, can cause your family a serious self-inflicted wound.  Very few family’s affairs are simple in modern society.

These types of Wills are ‘attractively cheap’ because they are made from little information with a lot of assumption.  And, often the provider takes ‘executor privilege’ without the buyer knowing, or a commitment in some other way to recover their charges on your death.  You might save today. However, your family will pay a hundred times over on your death, because things are inflexible and expensive to process.

Family structures are unique and can be extremely complex, both financially and socially.  So it only makes sense to put in place a well thought out Will Plan, tailored to your specific circumstances and wishes.  It will preserve your wealth and fortune in the way that you really want, for those who matter.  In addition, you will save them a lot of expense and agony in dealing with your estate.

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