Q: What Is A Funeral Plan?

A: A funeral plan is a document usually included with your will, which dictates what you would like your funeral to be like. You can choose the method of your send-off (do you want to be cremated, buried or scattered over your favourite spot?), as well as the style of ceremony (humanist, religious, etc). You could let your loved ones know what music you would like to be played, what readings you would like and who you would most like to speak for you. This not only means that your wishes will be honoured, but it takes a lot of stress and strain away from your family as they mourn your loss.

Of course, there is also the cost benefit. The average funeral and burial is around £4,136, while a funeral and cremation comes in at £3,214. This is a hefty sum for most to pay, especially if your death is unexpected. But with a pre-paid funeral plan, you can not only plan out how your funeral would go, but you can put the money aside to pay for it as well. This means you will avoid ‘frozen bank account syndrome’ (which will stop your family being able to access your funds directly to pay for the funeral) and prevent your family being left with a hefty bill after your send off.

At Edmunds and Eve, we understand that your funeral should be a final reflection of how you lived your life. So whatever that is, we will help you make it a reality. Our experts will guide you through the funeral planning process from start to finish and help you crate your ideal funeral. Every single funeral held should be as unique as the person it is celebrating, and we are dedicated to helping you ensure that your funeral isn’t just another template service.

Q: Pre-Paid Plans

A: Of the options available, the pre-paid funeral plan, has the benefit that once it is arranged, any future increase in costs is already built-in.  It can be guaranteed, or, not guaranteed; depending on the product and supplier chosen.  The style will affect the price.  And, the send-off is your choice, in the way that you have lived your life, or then again, how you would have liked to have lived it.  Regular, carbon-free or exotic to name but three.

Currently, a basic funeral costs about £3,000, and with ancillaries it can cost a further £3,000.  Costs have risen much faster than inflation in recent years, and can leave your family with a hefty bill at a very emotive and stressful time.