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What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning includes the process of analysis and organisation of your personal estate ready for after you have died.  It is work beyond, but including the Will.  And aims to optimise your wishes relative to your circumstances to give your family a better result.  It can be to keep your wealth in the family for the family. Or, it can include a tax efficient charitable legacy, say.  It can take into effect, the effects of probate and estate administration, as well as any desired financial controls, or other special controls, over your estate for a given purpose.  Even control from beyond the grave.   As a starter.  What would you want?

What is an - Estate Planner?

A good estate planner has many skills and wears many hats.  He must balance the legal with the financial as well as related factors.  We will draw on skills including the financial adviser; the tax consultant; the chartered accountant; the solicitor; the business counsellor; the family counsellor.... and blend these to make the plan fit your wish.  Anything less and the arrow falls well short of target.


Why would I want to make an Estate Plan?

There are many reasons why you would make an estate plan, including to:

  1. Ensure your wealth and fortune goes to those that you choose; and cannot go to who the law chooses on account of circumstance.
  2. Diffuse and placate potential family conflicts over who inherits what.
  3. Mitigate taxes.  Inheritance taxes and other taxes.
  4. Avoid the costs and delay in probate and administration of your estate.
  5. Ensure that your affairs are taken care of as you wish, should you become mentally incapacitated.
  6. If you are a ‘blended family’; make your money work as you want/wish.
  7. If you own a business; ensure it does not die with you, leaving your family in tatters.
  8. If you have a High Net Worth; ensure you pay least tax.  Legally.

When should I make an Estate Plan?

It is all a matter of wish and - "what's important to you"?  By dealing with the issues of your estate and putting in place an appropriate plan will ensure that you, your wealth, your family and loved ones, are taken care of in the way you want, should the worst happen.  The average Will is like a - "one-way-street".  Whereas, the estate plan, allows you to make a route map through the terrain.  Stopping off to enjoy the views.  So to speak.

Estate Planning is not just for those who are retired or have loads of money.   No matter how much “wealth” you own, Estate Planning is good practice.   It can mean a great deal to families with modest assets.   By planning out taxes and costs, inheritance can be significantly increased and improve a family’s financial situation.


Four - Frequently Asked Questions on Estate Planning:

These are some of the common questions with answers that pop up, when we discuss Estate Planning with our clients;

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