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Estate Planning

Expert estate planning service. --------- Preserve family wealth. -------- Avoid legal and financial pitfalls.

Edmunds & Eve for Your Estate Planning

We are Estate Planning lawyers serving Wokingham, Ascot, Windsor and much of the Home Counties.


Family Succession and Business Succession

Family and business succession planning needs many 'strings to its bow' and Estate Planning is one.   Because it involves more than cursory 'yes-no' answers we offer a free initial consultation, where you can discover about us, and we about you and your wishes and circumstances.  Thereafter, we can quote you a price, so that you can make an informed decision on what you want.

At Edmunds and Eve, we believe that Estate Planning should be a personal process that works for you; not a one-size-fits-all product, because no two families are the same.  That’s why our expert lawyers  will work closely with you to discover 'the real you', before helping you to figure out how your family will be affected by your wish and the law.    Our Estate Planning service blends both the 'legal and the financial' side of family succession, to realise the optimum path-way for your wishes, in the way you want.


Comprehensive and Expert Help to keep it in the family

We strive to help you come to grips with the things that will cost your family a lot of money, and mental pain, if just left to chance.

You do not need to be "rich" in that sense and meaning, to apply these measures successfully and benefit your family and loved ones.  Even if you think you have little to pass-on, the chances are that you have more than you think, because most people underestimate their true worth.   Preserved family wealth rarely happens by chance.   It takes planning.   Estate Planning.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is the process of analysis and organisation of your estate ready for after you have died, to optimise your wishes with administration costs and legal and financial controls.    A good estate planner has many skills and wears many hats, all to ensure that you get the right service.    We are part financial adviser, part tax consultant, part chartered accountant,  part solicitor,  part business counsellor, part family counsellor...


Esatate Planning Mitigates the Legal and Financial Pitfalls

It’s our job to make sure that you are aware of any legal and financial pitfalls that may affect your wish and legacy ideas.   This includes mitigating any inheritance tax due;  ring-fencing assets for a particular pupose;  preventing family disputes;  providing tools for later life care; and,  if you are a business owner,  make sure the business does not die with you.

Edmunds and Eve are Specialist Estate Planners.   Our focus is to help you save money and to prevent unplanned expense.   We are all aware that money needs to be paid.   However, only by planning ahead with expert guidance, can you have any idea of how much, or how little, it should be.   Then, you can plan the legacy.   Everyone is unique and therefore so is your plan.

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