Probate & Estate Administration

Probate can be Simple or Complex.  What is your task?

Most people don't know what the answer is.   Only by getting comprehensive and expert help do they realise how involved, or not involved,  it will be.    We provide two options of service - Executor assistance and Full Management.   Estate administration is a delicate time where we must bridge the gulf between family needs and accepting the realities that need to be addressed.   Edmunds & Eve is fully sensitive to the stresses and anxieties that interfere with the healing process.   The smallest obstacle can seem to be a mountain at times.    So, we do everything in our power to smooth out the pathway, as well as complete the administration of the estate as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Probate and Holistic management

Where our service differs from the norm is, in our application of a ‘holistic’ approach.    We fully appreciate the job that you have in hand.    And, we do more than sympathise.  There are many offerings 'out there', to grab your business on the ‘we are cheapest’ basis.   We cannot say that we do not want your business.    Neither will we say that we are cheap.   What we can say is, that each family is different and want different things.    Fundamentally, each wants value.    So, only by talking with us and let us know what you are looking for,  will you come to discover the market and how we support you through your executor role.

We begin our transaction with a FREE no obligation consultation.   Up to an hour.   This helps you to learn about us, and lets us to learn about you, and to quote you a fair and reasonable price.    All-in-all,  we will guide you along the road through a safe journey, in all your administrative requirements.   That is, unless all you want is a little 'hand-holding', to get you started.    You are in charge.

What Is Estate Administration?

Estate administration is the process of ‘closing down’ the affairs of the deceased person.

It means dealing with all their assets and lifetime arrangements including:

  • Collecting in their personal possessions
  • Closing bank accounts
  • Managing shares and investments
  • Changing ownership of any property (business or personal)
  • Paying all taxes and getting rebates
  • Dividing personal possessions
  • Managing money owed by them and to them
  • Transferring inheritance to the beneficiaries of the estate

Estate administration can be extremely complex and is required after every death.

Why choose our estate Administration Service?

What we do for our client is completely different and beyond the knowledge of the average high street provider.  Our remit is to give value, to save clients’ money where-ever possible and hence preserve the wealth and fortune in the family, for the family.

Administering an estate can be a lot more complex than many people realise.   Our expert team has the skills and experience to guide you, as well as perform the task effectively and efficiently.   We make sure that your chosen beneficiaries receive what is due to them from your estate promptly and impartially.


What happens in estate Administration?

Every person is different, every family is different, and so every estate is different.    Estate administration is a procedure as well as a process, and there are certain elements that most estates need to be done.    If you wish to know how this could affect your family, please feel free to contact our enquiries centre.   The elements include:

For more information about the probate and estate administration process