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What is a Will?

Your Will is a set of written instructions, to help your family close down and deal with your estate after you have died.  You may have heard of the phrase - "the Last Will and Testament" (perhaps in a film).  The Will in times past dealt with real property; whereas the Testament dealt with personal chattels. The modern Will takes in both.

Why should I make my Will?

The principal reason to make your Will is because your family will benefit by having it many times over, than being without one.  When you die and have no Will, you will have died 'intestate'.  It means that government statute decides how your wealth is divided.  And that may be at serious odds with what you would have wanted.  And hence, your Will saves a lot of unplanned cost, stress and agro.

When should I make my Will?

The short answer is; as soon as possible.  Unless of-course; you are one of the few who can predict what happens tomorrow.  Whether for private family needs, or family business needs; the problem with leaving it until ‘later’,  is;   that you never know when that will be.  Assuming, ignoring, or leaving it to chance, could cost your family a lot of unplannned costs and mental anguish.

Five - Frequently Asked Questions on the Will:

These are some of the common questions with answers that pop up, when we discuss Wills with our clients;

Some benefits of making a Will

If you are not married or not in a civil partnership for example, but are a couple;  you can make certain that your partner is provided for.  Contrary to common belief, cohabiting is not a 'common law marriage'.  And your partner will not inherit anything from you automatically.  Only jointly owned assets.  And because you're not married, that is taxable.

  • If you are divorced, you can make gifts and legacies to your ‘ex’ and the stepchildren.
  • If your estate is liable for inheritance tax, then you can model your Will to pay no more tax than you need to.  Our family succession service can validate whether your estate would be liable to pay tax or not.  We then advise you on the most tax-efficient way to gift your assets if it does.

Why choose our Will writing service?

Our consultants have many years of expertise and skills in 'best' advice for your Will and family succession needs.   Whether your estate is large or small, we provide a highly personalised fully tailored service.   We are guided by your wishes and circumstances, because every family is unique.

Our focus is to help you keep your wealth in your family, for your family; in the most efficient way.  This may include things that you have not yet thought about, or have been put-off considering, by third-party rhetoric.

At the centre of the service, we engage with you to realise your true wishes.  In the end, you are in a position to make a truly informed decision.


A different service perspective

What we do for our client is completely different and beyond the knowledge of most High Street providers.  Our remit is to save clients’ money and preserve wealth and fortune in the family, for the family.  And therefore, we approach things from a holistic perspective, because everything of family and finance is affected.

Our family succession service team, will advise and tailor the most appropriate Will Plan for you.  We offer families flexibility with, and adaptability to, future changes; because the future is not cast in stone.

For more information about making your Will that is as unique as you are.