Family Succession Matters, including: Probate, Wills, Estate Planning, Powers of Attorney and Business Succession.

"IF ONLY..."

Are you a Family?

Are you a Family Business?

Not sure which way to turn?

  • It is vital that you know your direction of travel, because the wrong map in Probate, Will or Power of Attorney for example, can deliver untold difficulties in preferred wishes.  The exact terms of these depends on your needs and those of your family.   A good plan will mitigate unplanned expense as well as family stress.   A poor one will only add to them.


We know that it is not an easy decision.  Hence we offer you a FREE INITIAL CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION so that we get to know you, and you get to know us, before any commitment.  It usually takes about an hour.

We are a fully authorised and accredited Lead Member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers ( IPW ) since 1999, which is approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute.


  • "IF ONLY"!   All too often it ends in tears for want of some "good" advice.

So, take a walk with us for a little while.   Feel free to CONTACT our enquiries centre and learn how to get your personal wish assured and what you really want for your family and loved ones.  There is no daft question on this matter; so ask.  Assumption is the enemy.

The Will

Families come in all shapes and sizes, so ‘the Will’ needs to match. Our services ‘tailor-fit’ your wishes to every family contour to be right.

Estate Planning

Preserved family wealth rarely happens by chance. It takes planning and real ‘know-how’ with up to date ideas. Realise yours.


Is your task Simple or the Complex?   Don't know?   Call, and ask us how we can help. Click into 'Here' below, to find an outline of the executor's job.

Is this you?

A picture, it is said, is worth 1,000 words. Our patent systems reveal the real you so that your family’s legacy avoids the traps & pitfalls.

Family Succession Specialists

Our focus is your focus; to get you what you want with minimum expense and fuss.  That applies for today, as well as, for when your plan comes into effect by your death or some other 'later life' event.   To that end, our many years of experience and mature bed-side manner will help you to realise your TRUE wish and aspirations.


Every family is unique, so your Will Plan will be equally so.  With Edmunds & Eve, you can be sure that your 'personal picture', including your family dynamic, interests and beliefs; are all represented in the best way to reflect your ambition for yourself and your family.  Therefore, do not let yourself be inhibited by third-party rhetoric, this is about what you want.


Do You Run a Family Business?

If you are running a Family Business, our Business Succession Plans ensure that your business will not die with you; or end up in a place that you did not mean it to.   Through careful analysis of your unique situation, we will help you to map out the optimum path that will ensure continued business success for your business partners, and security for your family.


Experience and Trust

We are based in Wokingham, Berkshire; and visit clients across the Home Counties, Oxon and Bucks, with whom we have worked closely for over 22 years.   Our reputation for highly personalised and friendly service, makes our clients more than content to seek our advice across the generations.

Don't take our word for it; ask our clients, if we care about them as much as they do.  So, if you don't believe that your family is the same as everybody else, give us a call and let’s discuss your wish.    We don't bite, and you might just learn how to get what you truly want, that is different from everybody else.

For exceptional legal and financial expertise in a friendly and thorough service, look no further.   Edmunds and Eve has been helping people like you for over 22 years, to get their TRUE WISH to the family.

What clients are saying about us

We were carefully led through this complex process with care and understanding. The service was great with our adviser adjusting the process to satisfactorily match our needs.

My adviser was very knowledgeable, very professional and very personable. I received excellent service.

Eddie explained everything thoroughly and clearly.

I am glad I used this firm as I found the information and advice I was given very thorough considering I gave little notice and wanted the Will completed quickly.

Great service.

I was pleased everything was carried out at my home.

Exemplary – very informative. Delivered in a professional and understandable way.

My will writer was very patient and explained everything very clearly so we could understand the procedure of writing our wills . I would recommend him to friends.

My consultant was very professional, a very pleasant gentleman who made us feel safe.

Eddie is very knowledgeable, very professional and very personable. I received excellent service. B Jacobs.

Very satisfied.

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